Frugal February: Week 3

Last week was tough. Mostly because I blew out my budget by going to Santa Cruz.

Saturday 2/15

  • BiRite Supermarket- 15 on kimchi and tiramisu. Indulgent! I know
  • Drinks at the Page- 13

Sunday 2/16

  • Hotel room split 3 ways- 45 bucks
  • Brunch at Harbor Cafe – 20
  • Red Bull-2.5
  • Drinks-20
  • Roller coaster ride – 6

Monday 2/17

  • Brunch 15
  • Golden Produce- 9 for fruits and veggies
  • Laundry- 6.20

Tuesday 2/18

  • No Spend Day! 😀

Wednesday 2/19

  • Jimmy John’s- $5.50 THE SHAME

Thursday 2/20

  • Iced coffee- $4

Friday 2/21

  • BART 3.70
  • Breakfast burrito 4.35
  • Tacos- 10


Food (100 budget): 118.35

Fun (50 budget): 51

Transportation: 3.70

Laundry: 6.20

I ran over my food budget this week, but I found 20 bucks in the atm, so we’ll call it even 🙂

My experiment is coming to a close, and I’m feeling okay about the changes. It’s funny, my desire for shopping (clothes, shoes, makeup and other lustworthy things) has dropped off with my experiment. Because I have so little money to spend on extras, I’ve basically cut shopping out of my life. Because it’s not an option, I don’t even think about it and thus there’s no real struggle within me. It doesn’t feel like I’m depriving myself. It’s really weird.

Food, on the other hand… Every week I SPEND IT ALL on food. Honestly when this is all over I want to reassess and work hard on cutting my food budget. This week showed me that I can spend 15 of an afternoon of kimchi and tiramisu (more fun than it sounds) or I can spend 9 bucks on veggies and mix them with my pantry staples to eat for the week. It’s kind of mind blowing. 🙂

Anyways, home stretch! Despite me still spending a ridiculous amount of money every week, my bank accounts have never been happier. Just a couple more days left of February- isn’t that crazy?