Frugal February: Week 4, The End!!!

February is over! Let’s get on with it!

Saturday 2/22

  • Whole Foods 20
  • Yarn 25

Sunday 2/23

  • Coconut water 3
  • Brunch 22
  • Golden Produce 20
  • Safeway 47

Monday 2/24

  • Coffee 2.95

Tuesday 2/25

  • Chipotle 7.00

Wednesday 2/26

  • BART 3.70
  • Super Duper 10

Thursday 2/27

  • Soap 2.5
  • Pizza slice 2.99
  • Groceries- 13
  • Dinner- 25
  • Laundry – 7

Friday 2/28

  • No Spend day


Food/Fun-173.5 (23.50 over 🙁 )

Transportation-3.70 (better than last week!)

Household/Laundry – 10

Etsy related- 25/yarn

And just like that, Frugal February is over!!! It was hard at times, but this is the jump start I needed to getting my savings back on track. I may feel like a failure by overspending past my budget, but even with overspending, I saved about a grand this month. It feels really good to have a bigger cushion in my emergency fund. So good that I think that I’m going to extend the frugalness out another month. I won’t be blogging about it, but I will be trying to stay the course, especially with my food budget.

My friends who have participated in their own frugal months have had positive outcomes as well, from more money in the bank to a few lost pounds and less drinking. Woo hoo!!!