Sawatdee kaa from Bangkok!

Hello from Bangkok!

So I still haven’t blogged about my six weeks of road trippin around the US yet (someday, someday) but this trip deserves real time posting. Because yes, I am finally on that solo southeast Asia trip that all of my nearest and dearest have had to listen to me hem and haw about for about five months. Thanks for putting up with me friends. I didn’t think I was actually going to go either :).

Since I’m so terrible at updating my blog I thought I might take the Mark Twain autobiography approach to my travelogue. Basically I’m going to talk about whatever, wherever, and whenever from my trip as I see fit. Otherwise I’m just not going to write anything, and I want to because there is so much that is worth sharing.

After a 13 hour flight from SF I had a strange but fun 17 hour layover in Taipei (more on that another time), then caught a packed and delayed 4 hour flight into Bangkok. Lucky me, it was so packed that I got bumped up to the sleeper cars upstairs!


Yes, I had room to put my feet up/lay down, there was a Financial Times AND plenty of wine. Thanks China Air! I apologize for thinking ahead of time that you were going to be a miserable economy carrier. Anybody that offers free wine in economy is all right by me.

Bangkok was rainy and miserable, oh and it was also 3 am (after a full day of Taiwan and mad jet lag) but the moment I hopped in the cab I was all like

Bright lights, bigger city…

Actually let’s be real. There was a little bit of this too: image

Girl my body don’t lie. I’m out of my mind. Let it rain over me!
(I’m totally Marc Anthony. You can be Pit Bull. What do you mean you don’t want to be Pit Bull?)

I’ve been here three days and so far things have been good. I’m eating well, partying hard and getting some culture. Bangkok is definitely going on the “I could live here” list. Its a real city with a complex history and some kind of filthy hot magic- like a Saigon and New York City lovechild. I’m headed up north today but am already looking forward to coming back later in my trip.