The Day We Dug Up The Monster Fennel

Last week we went to Berkeley for a garden birthday party. The wood burning pizza oven was going, and we were looking for toppings. Berkeley Bowl is great, but how about the fennel growing outside? Free is free!

Jill started going at it with the shovel, but the ground was really dry.

Ryan offered to help. Jill supervises.

Or was he put to work? I suppose it was only a matter of time before he started taking up gardening…

We took turns…When it was my turn I hacked at the roots and broke the end in half. Oops! So much for the roots.

It was a monster!!

We strung it up for fun, and no, we didn’t end up putting it on our pizza.

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  1. I did. The grandchildren came to visit, and so did some of my frdneis, and my offspring sent me a $50 gift certificate for Amazon. So I was well taken care of. Should I admit that I spent the gift certificate finishing my collection of Buffy and buying one season of Angel? I never watch TV shows while they are on; I wait till they are off and somebody insists on showing me the DVDs of one season, and then I decide whether I want to buy the whole thing. That way I don’t get caught up in such a way that I get hysterical if I don’t get home in time to see my TV show, as a certain man who lives not very far away from me like ten feet used to do until I promised I would buy him all the seasons of The Closer! He now has them.Anne

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