WTF of the Day: Apple


My friends will remember that fateful day in early 2010 when my magnetic power cord fell in my cup of Green Monster Odwalla. Acting quickly I pulled the cord out from the spirulina smoothie and stuck the end in my mouth, sucking out the goop.


Yeah, I really wasn’t thinking. But my cord managed to work at least a YEAR after that. Two days ago, it suddenly crapped out. My last Mac is a few years old, so it’s at least 2 generations of power cord back. No bueno. I gotta get a new cord, or beg my friends for a little “juice.”

80 dollars, really Apple? What the fuck? And the expensive cord has an average review score of one and a half stars! Most of the reviews bitch about the price, but the most troubling thing is the multitude of negative reviews from users who have gone through multiple chargers over the course of the last year. If the charger is going to be pricey, it should at least work. Shit!



Square is Amazing

Last week when I hung out with my friend Tristan he gave me a couple of Squares. They’re these little white plastic doohickeys (see picture above) that allow you to take credit card payments. You just plug it into your smartphone and then swipe away.

Transaction fees do apply, but really… think of it. You’re at brunch with your friends. There’s always the one friend who doesn’t have cash, but will “get you back next time.” Wouldn’t it be so great to say “Oh no problem, I take cards!” Totally worth the 35 cents or what have you.

As you can see above, I have been putting my new Square reader to good use! I was able to pay Ryan back for groceries pretty much instantly (after he created an account of course).