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Friday! Yes! Finally! It’s been a strange week. I celebrated my birthday over the weekend in chilly Vancouver and then once I got back promptly got incredibly sick. I’m finally starting to feel normal again.

Let’s look at some links!

Tiny Burrito Hamster had a tiny Friendsgiving! Afterwards he watched tiny football and did a tiny 5k to burn it all off.

Portraits of gender reassignment. These are quite lovely.

How hillbilly reality tv got too real. I am very sad about the unraveling of Honey Boo Boo.

New episodes of Bee & Puppycat!

I fell down the rabbit hole reading these Monistat 1 reviews on Amazon. Moral of the story is don’t use that shit! An excerpt from one of my favorites:

The last 10 minutes of work my boyfriend showed up and I was hunched over a freezer in the back, breathing as though I was about to give birth to satan himself. I followed my boyfriend home with one hand on the wheel and the other pulling my shorts aside praying that the ac would somehow reach my poor little “who” and make her feel better. I waddle in the house and my boyfriend tried to touch my butt… I slapped his hand down and suddenly the devil leaped into my body and lashed out at him. The meanness rolled from my tongue, but I couldn’t be touched. Boyfriend simply couldn’t understand, when I finally came to, that my Netherlands felt as though a large colony of fire ants had decided to call it home and were celebrating by setting off fireworks and eating wasabi covered hotdogs while the red hot chili peppers gave a killer performance of “come on Baby Light my Fire.” I crawled in bed and whimpered for god to just take my life…

Interested in doing a No Pay MBA? Or just learning basic business skills? Here’s a good guide that includes online resources.

I don’t believe in astrology, but this Dating the Zodiac series is pretty fun.

21 women on the dumb things they spend their money on. Hint: food is expensive.

Also, New York women draw their own boobs.

There is an academic journal for Adventure Time research

Classic principles of economics, illustrated with Seinfield clips

The NY Times chats with Gillian Flynn and Cheryl Strayed.

I had a hard time getting into season 1 of American Horror Story (Murder House), but the latest season, Freak Show, seems just up my ally!

Here’s Seal Boy from Season 4 in his real life…. doing burlesque with his prosthetics.

Here’s the original Seal Boy, Sealo! I actually really like that entire site, Human Marvels. It’s informative, but doesn’t really feel manipulative.

Last freak show link, I swear: This essay makes me want to re-read Geek Love

Agency life

Also, if you are in advertising and love cards against humanity, an ad agency created their own cards…

To celebrate Black Friday, the actual creators of Cards Against Humanity sold poop. 😀

It’s the end of the year-best of lists are coming out like gangbusters. Here’s NYTime’s best books of 2014.

Top gifts for your fitness freak friends. Which at this point is pretty much all my friends. Crossfit dice, anyone?

Scallion pancakes are one of my favorite unhealthy Chinese foods. Now I can make my own at home, Yan Can Cook style.

Random Internet Thing

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but every time I tried to get one together, I felt like my links were too old. But no matter, let’s look at some links!

First off, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir singing their parody of “Stay with me.” Preeeettttty great.

I’ve read 21. How many of these 100 “great” novels have you read?

Even better, how many of Marilyn Monroe’s library of books have you read? Growing up I always thought Marilyn was a bit of a ditz, but it seems like she knew what she was doing to some extent. I’ve been surprised to learn how athletic and bookish she was.

The real history behind J Crew clothing spinoff Madewell (aka our culture’s current obsession for buying things with history/a story)

50 underwhelming musician real names

RookieMag interviewed young female artists and asked how they make an artistic life work as a career

Back when I was feeling down last month, I watched the Roosevelts documentary, and it made me feel a lot better seeing how Theodore, Eleanor and Franklin handled their own varying levels of depression (Cliff’s notes version: Theodore and Eleanor kept themselves incredibly busy, Franklin did things for other people and brooded a lot). Ken Burns documentaries are easy to make fun of, but this one was pretty great, even if it was 14 hours long. You can watch it on demand on PBS and the Fresh Air interview with Burns is a good teaser if you’re on the fence.

And after you’ve watched the first two episodes, you might find this Teddy Roosevelt DirtBag article funny.

Ask Polly moved over to NYMag- Here she answers the difficult question “Why don’t the men I date ever truly love me?” 

I just discovered Bee & PuppyCat. Where have they been all my life?

The Economist explains why South Korea is so Christian

Interesting interview with Andre 3000… errr Andre Benjamin about what he’s been up to lately. Especially interesting is how he’s trying to make his artistic life work with being an active dad.

9 must try Vietnamese drinks. What, no avocado shakes?

Cosmonaut crashed to Earth crying in rage. The story is a bit more complicated, but it makes you feel something, right?

I’ve been disillusioned with the SF hot restaurant scene for quite a while now. The fun is just gone. Here, let there be an airing of grievances!!!

Here’s a free e-book that a grad student made for her final project. It’s a cookbook for people who receive SNAP benefits (food stamps).

It takes a lot of work to make good matcha.

Bored at work? How about participating in Office Roleplaying on Facebook?

My favorite mortician was on Fresh Air! Wait, that sounds weird…

Are you following Four Loko on Twitter? You’re missing out. It’s one of the most ridiculous accounts I’ve ever seen.

An informative interview with a professional taxidermist.

Basic Bitches from Literature. Thank god they called out Daisy Buchanan. The entire time I was reading the Great Gatsby I couldn’t get over how terrible she was.

Camping season isn’t over! Here are the best spots 2 hours out from San Francisco.

Random Internet Thing

Friday! Friday! Haven’t been this excited for a Friday in weeks. What am I going to do this weekend? EAT.SLEEP.KNIT. Let’s look at some links!


I’ve been looking forward to the backlash to EDM, and this Sam Smith cover of “How Will I Know?” does the trick:

Random Internet Thing

GChat Digest: 4

Like most adults who work the traditional office 9-5, I spend my days working hard, and sending tons of links to my friends and coworkers via Gchat, messenger, or Skype. It’s almost like we speak in links. This is a roundup of my faves from the week.

Woo hoo Friday! Let’s read some links!

Rookie interviewed Big Freedia. I wish Rookie existed 20 years ago. It’s the magazine teenage girls deserve. Sigh…

It’s ok to be happy where you are right now, without hoping for expansion/growth/bigger/better.

I got all teary eyed reading this proposal story. What’s wrong with me????

This proposal on the other hand made me shake my head. Creepy!

Everybody shops for groceries differently. There’s no one right way to do it, and there’s no reason to feel guilty about it.

An Ai Weiwei exhibit is coming to Alcatraz! You can never have enough Ai Weiwei.

I’ve been using this widget from NPR to discover new(ish) books to read.

More than 200 hidden paintings have been discovered at Angkor Wat! So cool.

The SF Police Dept is finally doing something about bike theft in the city. They set up “bait bikes” rigged with tracking technology and allow the thieves to steal them, then they POUNCE. Sounds like a fun job, actually.

If only I had $35 million dollars, I could own this mansion with a replica of the bridge from Star Trek: TNG. MAKE IT SO.

This dog is more bad ass than me. And you too probably.

Billy Corgan loves cats.

Did you know you can watch performances from the Metropolitan Opera online? For a fee, of course…

I’ve been looking into different types of exercise lately, and stumbled across this NYMag piece on the “cult of SoulCycle” during my research. Too bad I don’t have $30+ to pay per class. That’s nuts!

Helen Mirren doesn’t regret not having a child. Preach.

Here’s a photojournalism series on “Boondockers” – people who live in their cars. If you’re interested in living in a car/RV, here’s a great guide.

It’s almost time for the SF Movie in the Park series! Schedule here. The first movie is Ghostbusters!

Fat shaming still exists in opera. Really? Do these critics know how singing works?

The Chipotle Cultivate Food/Music Festival is coming back to SF! It was an absolute mess last year, but I liked seeing the bands.

Bobby Flay has a webseries on FoodNetwork.com on fitness. It’s basic stuff, but kind of charming to watch.

Cee Lo played at RiverFest in Little Rock and I guess it was terrible. RiverFest is cancelling payment!

These Amazon reviews for Sugar-Free Haribo Gummi Bears are hilarious. I know it’s wrong, but I kind of want to try them.

Happy weekend!


Lists, Random Internet Thing

Like most adults who work the traditional office 9-5, I spend my days working hard, and sending tons of links to my friends and coworkers via Gchat, messenger, or Skype. It’s almost like we speak in links. This is a roundup of my faves from the week.

Intimate photojournalism of life in the Bayview 

Do you like cartoons like Adventure Time and My Neighbor Totoro? Do you have an iDevice? You’ll love YummyPocket

Speaking of Etsy shops, shoutout to these two soap shops: Hart + Hawthorn and Hello Soap. I’m really happy with my soap purchases from them. All this homemade soap has got me itching to make soap myself,but to tell you the truth I’m a little scared I’ll hurt myself. I mean, come on, Fight Club.

Is Soylent the end of food?

Bad tattoos. HAHAHAHHA

Everyone’s boyfriend Ryan Gosling is in SAN FRANCISCO. Eating at State Bird Provisions, no less!

My current go to recipe: Farro Salad with Roasted Mushrooms + Parmesan. It’s healthy, easy, light and keeps for days. And if you want a bit of history about Farro….

Informative and well designed gifs about how to survive in NYC, but the tips apply to any big city. Basically it’s all STAY OUT OF THE DAMN WAY

Heartbreaking footage of a sherpa’s final moments at Mount Everest. I couldn’t watch it the whole way through. Kept tearing up. The whole affair is incredibly sad.

Monica Lewinsky comes out of the woodwork after a decade of silence to speak to Vanity Fair about her affair with President Clinton. I’m interested in reading the full article, but mostly I’m incredulous. For real? Let it go, girl!

Stumbled onto this bag obsessed site while I was reading up on backpack reviews, and I’m hooked, although I’m not sure I like the male slant to the site.

People of color in medieval art 

James Beard award winners were announced! Check out the list and see if there are any top restaurants near you. Gotta say, I was surprised by The Slanted Door. It’s not ALL THAT.

Social media rock star makes 28,000 a year. It’s funny because it’s true.

Which rapper has the largest vocabulary? Hint: It’s not DMX.

David Bowie narrates Peter and the Wolf


Kevin Spacey sings Talk Dirty


Happy early weekend!