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Knit: In Progress: Top Down Biggo Sweater

I’m chugging away on the Top Down Cozy Weekend Sweater in KnitPicks Biggo, and it’s been fun.

Progress, glorious progress.


Check out that 8 inches of hot cowl action. Boring to knit! But necessary.


And here it is on. I have a bit more done but the needles weren’t long enough to wrap around my shoulders. In truth it probably goes to my armpits at this point.

Thoughts so far on the pattern and the yarn:

The yarn has been pretty fun to work with. It feels good on the hands and the resulting fabric is fluffy (if dense). The only problem I’ve had with Biggo is that it’s the devil to join a new ball via spit splicing. The yarn just doesn’t like it (probably because of the nylon content).

The pattern was 5 bucks on Ravelry, and so far so good. The handholding at the beginning with the increases for the body of the sweater are a little annoying to keep up with, but once I switched to using a highlighter to keep track of where I was on the pattern, things went more smoothly.

I sized up from size 10 needles to 10 and a half, and while I’m getting gauge with the yarn I kind of wish that I’d sized up again to maybe an 11 or so. The fabric is quite dense and heavy, and I don’t know if I like the stiffness. I’d prefer a softer sweater with a more relaxed drape. Oh well. I’m not going back and fixing it now, that’s for sure. Onward!