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Blogs You Should Follow: Nerd Boyfriend

A friend shared something from this blog on Google Reader the other day, and I’m hooked. It’s a simple idea, but kind of addictive. Basically they take classic photos of celebrities (interpreted loosely) and show you where you can buy the clothes online. I’m not really into the shopping part of it, but I love the pictures. They do their best to credit photo sources too, which is nice. Here are a few of my favorite imaginary “boyfriends.” Obviously all my photos came from Nerd Boyfriend.

Auden + Friends.

David Niven



Gregory Peck

DJ Jazzy Jeff


Blogs You Should Follow: Notes From Valhalla

Well the San Francisco Opera is officially with it- They’ve launched a blog for a behind-the-scenes look at the making and performance of Wagner’s The Ring. It’s updated fairly frequently, which is awesome. Daily opera updates!!! Even more wonderful is that the updates come from cast and crew. Each blog post comes with the author’s official headshot, which is a nice touch. Classy. So far the posts seem to range from character inspiration to opera stage fright. I really cannot wait until they start the Ring cycle. The performers are going to be going through so much during that time! Looking forward to reading some juicy bits… 🙂

And how did I find out about this blog? No, I’m not stalking the opera website. I follow SF Opera on Twitter. You should follow them to, if you are on Twitter. Sometimes they tweet out discount codes!