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Selfie Time: November


Stumbled across these W.T. Kirkman oil lanterns the other day while walking to the yarn shop. They were just sitting on the sidewalk. Aren’t they great?

I joked to Ryan that I felt like a character in an LL Bean catalogue, living my “rustic” Martha Stewart life (minus a few horses). Taking a look at this picture, I think it does sum up this phase of fall.

I love fall but it scares me. Quite a few years in a row I’ve fallen prey to seasonal affective disorder. So since 2009 or so I’ve tried to have an active “fall plan” so that I don’t drift into a hole of depression once winter hits. Doesn’t that sound pathetic?

So I do what I like. I’ve been knitting a lot. Cooking delicious fall food. Wearing big sweaters and favorite boots. Watching movies and tv endlessly. Listening to opera full blast on Spotify. And being totally antisocial when I want to.

I think it’s working so far.

6 Comments to “Selfie Time: November”

  1. keish

    1. The lanterns are LOVELY! 2. The whole seasonal affective disorder thing is very real & I understand your need to “prep” yourself for the winter season. I should probably try to prep myself too, because I feel gloom casting a shadow on me. 3. I just discovered your blog today, & its pretty awesome. 🙂

    1. Tracy Author

      Hi Keish!
      Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m always humbled when people stumble across it. I was going to turn the lanterns into a terrarium, but after a polish, they are quite nice on their own as a decoration.


    1. Tracy Author

      Yes it’s quite lovely. I’ve been working to the Hungarian Radio Chorus’ version of Barber of Seville if you’re looking for something cheerful

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