I tried uploading some trip photos to WordPress from my phone the other day, and ended up accidentally posting a blog post, so sorry if you saw my garbled mess of photos in your feed!

Despite having even less of a plan than I did in NY, I was pretty excited for the Philadelphia leg of the trip. We went by bus since it’s so close, and being at Port Authority was like New York saying “Get the hell out!” It was just miserable, mostly because I walked in on a lady in a bathroom stall (door wasn’t closed, let alone locked).  The cleaning lady didn’t warn me at all as I was walking by her (she totally knew)!  In general the terminal was gross and depressing, but aren’t all bus terminals? I did spot a blog celebrity, which was exciting, but then I felt kind of embarrassed for recognizing the person at all. I should get off gossip sites and read more.

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New York

Hello from New York! Got in on Friday  and staying a week. Since I’m tagging along on Ryan’s trip out east, I didn’t come with much of an agenda. However there has been plenty to fill my days as when I’m not walking around, I’m studying.

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Note: This is a crosspost from my coding blog, but I figured that my friends? mom? might be curious about how my program is going. If you are not interested in my progress this post will probably be very boring.

I’m having a hard time concentrating today, so I thought that I’d take a break to assess where I am in my program. Honestly, I can’t believe that it’s the end of March! As I mentioned earlier this month, I was hounded by this feeling of being “behind”, due to basically taking January off to earn some $$$. Totally reasonable, but I just couldn’t shake it.

March in Review 

Anyways, I busted ass in March, upping my study time to ~55 hrs/wk from ~40 hrs/wk in February. I finished 2 unit final projects that I’d been putting off forever, and scheduled my assessments for them. I’m going to meetups of some sort every week, so that’s getting easier.

I’m itching to contribute to “real world” projects, so around the middle of the month when I found an open source software internship program for minorities, I really wanted to apply. However, when push came to shove, I didn’t pull my application together fast enough for that round of selection. It was a long shot, as I found out about the program 5 days before the deadline. Besides putting together my app for the next round, I’m exploring other options to contribute. Code for America’s San Francisco chapter has a few interesting projects along with a weekly hack night, and Up for Grabs looks like a cool site for finding open source projects that need help.

New Computerrrrr!!!!

I’d been holding out on buying a new computer until the next Macbook Pro release, but there were no computers announced at the March Apple event. Bummer! But I took that as a sign to finally bite the bullet and get my first new computer since… 2009? It’s awesome. I’m a week in and so far I love developing on a Mac. I should have done this months ago!

Rails & the Rest…

Anyways, what else… I’m finally in the promised land…. RAILS.

First off…



It is kicking my ass. Rails is vast. Rails is powerful. Rails has so many amazing features, you just gotta know the magic words. As I’m plodding through, I feel like I’m being inducted into Hogwarts or something. WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC RAILS???

The Finish Line

For a while in my program, there was a bit of a running joke about “never finishing” because it felt like every day they were adding more and more lessons to the final section. However it looks like they’ve finalized the curriculum! So now I know where the end is. Here’s how I stand today:::

  • Rails 53/102 lessons w/final project
  • JavaScript 46/55 lessons (close!!)
  • Rails and JavaScript 13/46 lessons w/final project
  • Angular JS 7/111 lessons w/final project

So close, yet SO FAR… I don’t think finishing off JavaScript/Rails stuff will be too troublesome, but I’m honestly nervous about Angular based on what I’ve heard from classmates.

Oh well, time to get back to work.


Happy St Patrick’s day! Yay to all the wonderful stereotypical holiday trappings. Yay Guinness! Yay colcannon! Yay green!

It’s also me and Ryan’s 6 year anniversary, so a great excuse to post this cute picture from a friend’s wedding last winter.

Happy anniversary Ryan! I look forward to six more years of being unmarried and child free with you-LOL. 🙂


Me, pretty much...
Me, pretty much…

So, it’s March. I’m feeling kind of strange, to be honest.

In November I had the excitement of quitting my job, starting my bootcamp and traveling to Japan. In December I went to New Orleans and celebrated the holidays. During January I freelanced, effectively buying myself more time to study and job hunt. I also spent a little of that money sprucing up my apartment.

February. Oh dear February. The great grey ghost of February. After working full time the month before, I felt “behind” in my bootcamp, whatever the hell that means for a mostly self-paced program. Behind the other people in my cohort, behind my targeted end date, and worst of all, behind in my knowledge.

I started the month determined to make up for lost time. Most of this was psychological, but numbers don’t lie: I studied more during the first week of February than I did the entire month of January. And this was with my mom visiting!  Quite a few days were wasted with review just to get back into the groove.

So last month I barreled right on through, putting myself on a stricter schedule, working day in and day out, glued to the chair, skipping lunch like a regular 9-5 job. I’m feeling okay about my progress, but looking into March and knowing that it’s probably going to be like this until the very end… I’m starting to feel a little nuts, honestly. The end is not in sight! When does it end???

All of the usual self-care suggestions are helping me to not go off the rails (insert ruby joke here): eat well, sleep enough, drink in moderation, see friends, exercise. However, what’s really holding me together is making more connections with the programming community.

  • I talk to the people in my program pretty much every day. They know the struggle. We rarely meet up, but every time we do it’s a positive boost.
  • I finally set up my programming focused blog, although I haven’t written much, and yeah I know I should.
  • As the third prong, I’m trying really hard to push myself to go to local meetups and study groups. This is San Francisco, so there is always something going on. Hitting up 1 or 2 meetups per week should be easily doable. Unfortunately I haven’t gone to enough events to start recognizing people, so it’s like starting all over again at each meetup, which makes me anxious. I’m trying to get buddies with similar interests to go with me, but sometimes I will have to go alone, and I will feel awkward as hell.

Anyways, there’s no great resolution to this post. All I can say is that if we’re friends, please reach out and try to schedule coffee/bowling/a drink/a movie/dear god something with me. I’m going a little crazy over here.