2004? 2005?



My former boss from Yale has started putting up old photos of the Yale Recycling Crew up on Facebook. It’s pretttttty wonderful.

Here I am on a rainy New Haven day with my coworker Madeleine performing a waste stream analysis of the refuse from Old Campus. We were trying to track the effectiveness of our new on campus recycling campaign. Later that day while we were rummaging through some trash from another college, we came across four water bottles full of urine. And that was when I learned about how men keep pee bottles. Nowadays, I could have learned that from Tina Fey’s Bossypants, but you really don’t believe it until you see it. Even though it was absolutely disgusting, we “analyzed” it anyways in the “bio” pile. What the heck was wrong with us?

Anyways, I miss the recycling crew. Best job ever!