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Blogs You Should Follow: Nerd Boyfriend

A friend shared something from this blog on Google Reader the other day, and I’m hooked. It’s a simple idea, but kind of addictive. Basically they take classic photos of celebrities (interpreted loosely) and show you where you can buy the clothes online. I’m not really into the shopping part of it, but I love the pictures. They do their best to credit photo sources too, which is nice. Here are a few of my favorite imaginary “boyfriends.” Obviously all my photos came from Nerd Boyfriend.

Auden + Friends.

David Niven



Gregory Peck

DJ Jazzy Jeff


Today’s Inspiration: Life Advice from Forever 21


While it doesn’t say anything about minimalism (including …ahem… shopping less), this inspirational blurb on the wall at Forever 21 pretty much sums up my life goals. Except for that butterfly part… What’s that all about?


Who Knew Darren Aronofsky Would Influence My Fashion Choices?



Ballet style is always in and out of fashion, but with the fluffy black tulle this Gap dress screams Black Swan!

I still like it though.

imageAlso spotted at the Gap: the famous Pegged Boyfriend jeans. They do exist! I wonder if there’s a Darren Aronofsky film for that as well.


Think Pink- Surviving Spring Shopping When You Hate Pastels


Oh dear. Despite what the weather would tell us to the clothing retailers it is Spring. Every year is a little different, but in general Spring means the following clothing trends that while I don’t hate, just aren’t part of my own personal style:

Pastel everything
Pink + beige- the “Desert Rose” look
Billowy +Gauzey
Chunky brown leather wedges.
Light denim

Now what to do if you don’t like any of those styles? There is NOTHING out there for you! Here is my game plan to survive until Summer stock comes in:

1. Online shopping (Obbbbbviously). Yes, this is a “Well duh” option but I doubly recommend it because on many sites you can browse by color. Black please!

2. Frequent thrift or resale shops. While resale shops like Buffalo Exchange do stock up with seasonal and on-trend items, you should be able to find more diversity than whatever is out at your local chain shop. And after all if you’re going to buy something trendy it might as well be cheap right?

3. If you simply must shop in the regular chain retail stores during the high season of fugly, check out the basics and accessories departments. There you are more likely to run into sane colors and a few whimsical things that will tide you over until color saturated summer clothes finally hit the racks.

4. This may not be an answer for many people, but have you considered sitting this shopping season out? Have a “Shopping Fast.” Just don’t buy anything. What? Does that sound boring? Try it. Things will get interesting, I promise.