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Starbucks’ Sexy Midlife Crisis
Yes, the coffee still tastes the same

Hey, it’s a corporate rebranding that I really can’t complain about! To celebrate its 40th birthday, Starbucks gave the siren a refresh. I think the reason that this move doesn’t bug me is because it is still recognizable as Starbucks, plus the bright green cardboard sleeve shows that they’re not afraid to take risks. That’s been my main gripe about the last couple of major product rebrands (Tropicana, Pepsi, etc) – they were so minimalist that they became unrecognizable!

Oh, another Starbucks note: March 10-12 from 2pm – 5pm Starbucks is offering free snacks from their “Starbucks Petites” line (at select locations, duh). I eyeballed the cake pops this afternoon and they actually look awesome! Pretty as a picture.