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Well, the thirty days have passed, and I amazingly finished my 30 day challenge! It was not without a few struggles, however, so here’s a quick recap:

Monday was class #27. I was already exhausted from doing a double the day before, and the heat was terrible. It was bad even by yoga standards,but with my stopped up nose I felt like I was suffocating. Lying on the floor I realized that the entire situation was absurd.  I left class for the first time ever. When I came back 5 minutes later and stepped on my mat I started crying, I just couldn’t control it.Not a high point, but I made it through to the end.

Tuesday I did a double (Classes 28 + 29). Got through it okay, but it was straight to bed afterwards.

Wednesday was my last class. It was uneventful but happy, as my friends had agreed to come and do the class with me. Great stuff, and there was a round of sweaty hugs after it was all over.

Now that it’s over, I think I will keep going 3-4 times a week, in addition to the gym/biking, until the classes on my card run out. After that I’ll have to reevaluate whether I want to continue doing this craziness.

Several thoughts and tips from the whole experience:

1. The bikram 30 day challenge is crazy. Doing yoga that frequently is probably not good for you. My body is seriously blown out and while everyday aches and pains from sitting at a desk for 8 hrs/day have gone away, new pains are in their place.

2. The challenge is doable. Decide on a schedule and stick to it. This way you aren’t wasting time thinking “Oh, when am I going to yoga today?” you just know, and you go.

3. It’s probably not a good idea to go on vacation during your challenge, but I did!

4. Even if you don’t go out of town, you will have to do some doubles. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.

5. If you are a woman take your clothes off ASAP post-yoga. Don’t walk around in them and get bubble tea or whatever the hell on your walk back home. You will get a yeast infection!!!

6. After class soak your clothes in cold soapy water. This will help keep the stink at bay.

7. Be prepared to do mountains of laundry.

8. Drink water, coconut juice, lemon water, kombucha, anything, everything, all day long. If you must drink alcohol go light.

9. It can get pricey renting a mat, towel and water every time, so try your best to bring your own materials. However, renting a towel can be worth it just so you don’t have to deal with the mess.

10. You may not lose weight. I don’t think I lost a pound, which really frustrated me (Two hours + of exercise a day for 30 days, what the hell???). I did, however, lose half an inch+ on my stomach. My abs and quads are super strong and defined, and at the gym today running was … EASY. I didn’t break a sweat or breathe hard at all. So… definite improvement, but not a tip of the scales.

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Just got back from 4 days of nonstop overeating and overdrinking in Austin, TX. Feeling kind of fat and bloated.

Did a double today. It was bearable, but I’m absolutely useless now.

Four classes left to go in three days. I’m tempted to do two more doubles in a row, just so I will have earned the right to celebrate with a “Triple Double” cocktail. What’s in a Triple Double? Hmm I don’t know. But it sounds like a fun drink, right?

Possible ideas include:

  • Coconut Juice (with rum???)
  • A fine Tripel beer
  • Sweat
  • Cayenne
  • EmergenC


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Today was another class with more than 60 people. Similar to Day # 7, I almost lost it mentally and was tempted to storm out due to claustraphobia and frustration. Again I held it together. Oh how I wish this were over!

My last eight classes of the challenge are scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday 6:30 pm class + 8:15 pm class with Jill
  • Wednesday 6:15 am class <– yes that is 6:15 AM.
  • Vacation in Austin Wednesday-Saturday
  • Sunday 2 classes 4:30pm and 6:30 pm
  • Monday 6:30pm class
  • Tuesday 6:30pm class
  • Wednesday 6:30pm class

The end is near, but oh my goodness these next couple of days are gonna be rough. I am a fucking mess. Legs ache terribly. I wake up, open my eyes, and feel the soreness instantly. I am no good at any of the standing series due to pain. Riding my bike, even getting up from my seat at work I am in pain. My knees are shot. My foot pain is back.

What to do? Ugh.

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What I’m Excited About- March 20, 2011

A short list this week as I’m currently cooking chicken and biscuits and have to hoof it to yoga in less than an hour.

1.There are ten classes left for my 30 Day Bikram Challenge, and factoring in my vacation, I’ve got 8 days to do it in. Crunch time. It’s funny, ten classes feels incredibly close and doable (with a little suffering), and yet at the same time, feels totally unreasonable. I can say that when this is all over I’m looking forward to having a social life again 🙂

2.Wednesday I’m going to Austin for a quickie vacation. I haven’t really done my research, but I hear there are bats, good food, and swimming holes!!!

3. Oh, I also scheduled a trip to Chicago. More on that at another time.

4. As if that wasn’t enough vacation in store for me, I also need to schedule several weeks more vacation to get myself down to an acceptable limit at work. I don’t really have the funds or the desire to go anywhere else immediately, but it’s fun to think about.

5. Did I mention that I was making chicken and biscuits? They’re going to be delicious. Can’t wait to eat them tonight.

6. Last but not least, my friend Alyssa is going to Mozambique in April with Habitat for Humanity. She’s going to build houses, save the world, etc. etc. She is currently raising money for her trip and has a ways to go to make it to the $1600 goal  (you can check out the details here). Normally I am a bit jaded about whether fundraising for a cause actually accomplishes anything, but I know Alyssa (she’s no-nonsense and quite awesome) and I feel good passing on some cash to help her do good in Mozambique. You should donate too, if you like. She will be very grateful and might even make you some macaroni and cheese, or sing you a song. Actually, I am quite sure she will, HAHA.

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Yesterday was awful and wet, so I skipped yoga. To make up for it full force today I did a double back to back (6:30-8:00pm) + (8:15-9:45pm). I thought that I was going to be tore up, but I feel fine. All I have to say is HALFWAY BITCHES. I’ve gone 15 times in the last 14 days. It’s all money from here-15 more to go! I wish I had made a bet with someone so that I could win it, but hey, just the accomplishment will be reward enough.

Tracy’s Tips for surviving a back to back:
1. Eat a light meal 2+ hours before class one. I had leftover risotto.
2. Hydrate all day (duh). I had a tiny bit of coffee around 4 to pep myself up.
3. Don’t ride your bicycle. You will end up worrying about if it is being stolen.
4. Take it easy in both sets. Sit out as often as you need to. Don’t feel the need to keep up with others. You are on a whole ‘nother plane!
5. In between classes eat a banana, take a bathroom break, and refill your water bottle.

Mostly the pains from being involved in yoga for 4 straight hours (travel, changing, etc) were mental, not physical. Feels good now! I would do it again.