Movin’ On Over

Well, after giving Jekyll & GitHub pages a go, I think that hosting my coding blog on my existing WP site makes more sense. It is kind of magical how simple Jekyll can be, and I appreciate the idea behind it, but honestly I was spending more time just trying to get my blog to work right, instead of focusing on the actual blogging. It’s way too easy to go down those rabbit holes…

I’ll be slowly copying over old posts to this work-in-progress blog. I’m not sure what I want to do with my GitHub page, perhaps turn it into a simple about me / landing page or something.

Hello World!

Not gonna lie, despite how much Jekyll has been heralded as a simple and awesome choice for blogging, I’ve had a hard time getting over the hump of initial setup. I’ve started this blog in fits and starts, and I finally figured out that my fatal error may have been trying to start with anything other than the default theme.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress” and all that.

Anyways, here we are again. You win, default template! This is probably my fifth attempt at maintaining a coding blog using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Fifth time’s the charm, right? 🙂

ETA: I hated Jekyll and moved back over to my self-hosted WordPress site, LOL. Oh well, I tried. 🙂

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