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Doing the Bikram Challenge


Arda-Chandrasana with Pada-Hastasana

Well it’s really happening! Ryan and I bought a 60 day unlimited pass for the Bikram Challenge at our yoga studio. Normally I think these things are nuts, but Ryan got really close to making it happen last month. I’m feeling inspired by him-so I think I’m going to do it! Why the hell not? Here are the details:

  • Go to yoga 30 times in 30 days or 60 times in 60 days
  • You can skip days by going twice in one day but not three times in one day (I heard stories of one teacher doing 8 classes in one day- that’s the stuff of legend.)
  • If you make it, you get a t-shirt. But more than that, after 30/60 days you will either be blown out or zenned out, physically and emotionally. Can’t wait!

It is my belief that you are more likely to accomplish goals if you have a clear vision, so here is what I want:

  • I would like to do the 30 Day Challenge
  • I would like to lose a couple pounds (not that I need to, it just seems like it would be weird if I DIDN’T after all of that)
  • I would like to go a little crazy
  • I want a little less pain in my left shoulder, knees, and right toes
  • I would like to get really great at locust pose

I will be updating my progress on this blog, so do check back! I predict tears and self doubt by next Monday!

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A couple of weeks ago I was tooling around on LinkedIn for work and on a whim I decided to import some “friends” via my e-mail address. I don’t know why, I normally stay far far away from these things, as they are a general mess. However this time I decided to stop being so damn conservative online. I took a look through the list of auto-generated contacts, unclicked a couple of people I really didn’t want to connect with, and then sent it on its way.

Fast forward two weeks- I’m getting complaints from exboyfriends and people I don’t know about LinkedIn contacting them on multiple emails, texting their phone, endlessly (even though they don’t have a LI account).

My face is beet red. I know, I should know better. It’s my job to know better! I am terribly embarrassed. Honestly I thought that the worst that could happen is that people would get one email once, not ONE A WEEK to their multiple emails and phone! To remedy the problem, I had to go back to LinkedIn and INDIVIDUALLY withdraw 170+ invitations. What a fucking nightmare! Turns out that LinkedIn sent out more invites than I thought when I scanned the list. It’s really silly, because the LinkedIn email monkeys emailed every single address I’d ever come in contact with on this email- including “Word of the Day”from the Oxford English Dictionary, old friends/boyfriends, jobs and houses I’d applied to, etc…

Well, I’m sorry friends! Sorry for the 3+ emails- I think I have it fixed by now, but do let me know if they keep coming. Sometimes you’re gonna make mistakes on the internet. When that time comes, remember:

  • Other people have done this before. You are not the first.
  • Even if you didn’t want to talk to that ex, is it so bad that they’re reminded of you?
  • Everybody’s contact settings are different. Some of my friends never told me about receiving multiple emails.
  • Assume all social networks are obnoxious in their tactics to spread.
  • If people keep receiving annoying emails, they can just mark it as spam.

Yep, I’m gonna keep telling myself it’s no big deal. >_< Gah!

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Oh my. It’s hard to get excited about the upcoming week, I’ll be honest. I’ve been exhausted for weeks now with this mild illness that I just can’t shake. Sometimes I wish I would just be all out sick so I would take the time to get over it. I’ve also got multiple canker sores from hormones/stress, and my wisdom tooth has caused an infection. I am a hot mess, y’all.

Anyways, let’s see… What am I looking forward to this week?

  • The 60-Day Challenge is about to start at my bikram yoga studio. I’m thinking about trying to do a 30-Day set, but I’m not committed yet (see above “exhaustion”). At the very least, this activity that I’ve been doing lately will be cheaper, and that’s nice.
  • I’m going to see The Homecoming at the ACT on Friday. Harold! Pinter! Power! Sex! After being underwhelmed by Clybourne Park I’m really hoping for a winner here.
  • I am going to see a bluegrass show Monday night.
  • Ryan and I are planning a trip to celebrate our anniversary. Indulgent, right? Yep!
  • Steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow morning. It’s the Trader Joe’s microwavable kind- no muss, no fuss.

Anyways I am TAKING IT EASY this week. I just want to feel better!

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Today’s Inspiration: Bird of Prey



While I was working hard away at my desk this hawk dropped by my window to have a snack. You can barely make out the critter in its talons…

My coworker asked if this was my power animal. What a compliment!



Square is Amazing

Last week when I hung out with my friend Tristan he gave me a couple of Squares. They’re these little white plastic doohickeys (see picture above) that allow you to take credit card payments. You just plug it into your smartphone and then swipe away.

Transaction fees do apply, but really… think of it. You’re at brunch with your friends. There’s always the one friend who doesn’t have cash, but will “get you back next time.” Wouldn’t it be so great to say “Oh no problem, I take cards!” Totally worth the 35 cents or what have you.

As you can see above, I have been putting my new Square reader to good use! I was able to pay Ryan back for groceries pretty much instantly (after he created an account of course).