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GChat Digest: 3

Like most adults who work the traditional office 9-5, I spend my days working hard, and sending tons of links to my friends and coworkers via Gchat, messenger, or Skype. It’s almost like we speak in links. This is a roundup of my faves from the week.

Intimate photojournalism of life in the Bayview 

Do you like cartoons like Adventure Time and My Neighbor Totoro? Do you have an iDevice? You’ll love YummyPocket

Speaking of Etsy shops, shoutout to these two soap shops: Hart + Hawthorn and Hello Soap. I’m really happy with my soap purchases from them. All this homemade soap has got me itching to make soap myself,but to tell you the truth I’m a little scared I’ll hurt myself. I mean, come on, Fight Club.

Is Soylent the end of food?

Bad tattoos. HAHAHAHHA

Everyone’s boyfriend Ryan Gosling is in SAN FRANCISCO. Eating at State Bird Provisions, no less!

My current go to recipe: Farro Salad with Roasted Mushrooms + Parmesan. It’s healthy, easy, light and keeps for days. And if you want a bit of history about Farro….

Informative and well designed gifs about how to survive in NYC, but the tips apply to any big city. Basically it’s all STAY OUT OF THE DAMN WAY

Heartbreaking footage of a sherpa’s final moments at Mount Everest. I couldn’t watch it the whole way through. Kept tearing up. The whole affair is incredibly sad.

Monica Lewinsky comes out of the woodwork after a decade of silence to speak to Vanity Fair about her affair with President Clinton. I’m interested in reading the full article, but mostly I’m incredulous. For real? Let it go, girl!

Stumbled onto this bag obsessed site while I was reading up on backpack reviews, and I’m hooked, although I’m not sure I like the male slant to the site.

People of color in medieval art 

James Beard award winners were announced! Check out the list and see if there are any top restaurants near you. Gotta say, I was surprised by The Slanted Door. It’s not ALL THAT.

Social media rock star makes 28,000 a year. It’s funny because it’s true.

Which rapper has the largest vocabulary? Hint: It’s not DMX.

David Bowie narrates Peter and the Wolf


Kevin Spacey sings Talk Dirty


Happy early weekend!