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The Gchat Digest: 1

Like most adults who work the traditional office 9-5, I spend my days working hard, and sending tons of links to my friends and coworkers via Gchat, messenger, or Skype. It’s almost like we speak in links. This is a roundup of my faves.

  • A couple of months ago my friend Michelle wrote a blog post about our friendship, and I forgot to mention it. Oops, bad friend! Go read it. It’s a nice meditation on making friends as an adult, and it makes me look good.
  • I love my three Alite backpacks, and I love the company even more because they do cool things like loan out gear for free! Their camping gear lending library in San Francisco is back, and I want to try to rent some gear for our next trip. Angel Island would be nice, but damn I want a site with a swimming hole.
  • I opened my copy of Outside Magazine this month and was surprised to see this article. The hot owner of my favorite sushi restaurant in New Haven! Turns out that he’s something of a food celeb now, with a James Beard nomination and a stint on Chopped. What???????!
  • I was invited to a new knitting group in my neighborhood, and saw a really great Doge intarsia. It was a thing of beauty, but then I looked at the back and remember why I don’t do colorwork very often. It’s a bitch carrying all those colors.
  • I’m rewatching all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I kind of lost it when I saw this scene from the Robin Hood episode.

  • I finally discovered what the song they always play at Baobab is. The video is nothing special, basically what the latest JLo video is making fun of (yacht with objectified ladies), but the intro is hilarious.

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