Lumineers- Ho Hey

This one’s been stuck in my head for a few days. I sing it to myself when I’m biking to work, which can sometimes confuse other bikers–“You’re my sweetheaaaaaaaart.” Oops. Sorry. It’s such a short little sweet song that this automatically means it’s destined to be featured in many an ill-advised post college wedding. Actually, that would be a really fun playlist to make. Yep, will do that tomorrow.

I have a love/hate relationship with this new folk movement (mostly due to being confused by the frathouse reality that is attending a Mumford & Sons concert), but I’m liking what I’ve heard of the Lumineers so far. This is annoying because they were playing at the huge free bluegrass festival last weekend (hello, late to the game), which is the first year in five that I haven’t gone. This year I’m skipping out on a lot of must-go San Francisco events, and I feel just fine about it.