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What I’m Excited About- March 20, 2011

A short list this week as I’m currently cooking chicken and biscuits and have to hoof it to yoga in less than an hour.

1.There are ten classes left for my 30 Day Bikram Challenge, and factoring in my vacation, I’ve got 8 days to do it in. Crunch time. It’s funny, ten classes feels incredibly close and doable (with a little suffering), and yet at the same time, feels totally unreasonable. I can say that when this is all over I’m looking forward to having a social life again 🙂

2.Wednesday I’m going to Austin for a quickie vacation. I haven’t really done my research, but I hear there are bats, good food, and swimming holes!!!

3. Oh, I also scheduled a trip to Chicago. More on that at another time.

4. As if that wasn’t enough vacation in store for me, I also need to schedule several weeks more vacation to get myself down to an acceptable limit at work. I don’t really have the funds or the desire to go anywhere else immediately, but it’s fun to think about.

5. Did I mention that I was making chicken and biscuits? They’re going to be delicious. Can’t wait to eat them tonight.

6. Last but not least, my friend Alyssa is going to Mozambique in April with Habitat for Humanity. She’s going to build houses, save the world, etc. etc. She is currently raising money for her trip and has a ways to go to make it to the $1600 goal  (you can check out the details here). Normally I am a bit jaded about whether fundraising for a cause actually accomplishes anything, but I know Alyssa (she’s no-nonsense and quite awesome) and I feel good passing on some cash to help her do good in Mozambique. You should donate too, if you like. She will be very grateful and might even make you some macaroni and cheese, or sing you a song. Actually, I am quite sure she will, HAHA.