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Doing the Bikram Challenge


Arda-Chandrasana with Pada-Hastasana

Well it’s really happening! Ryan and I bought a 60 day unlimited pass for the Bikram Challenge at our yoga studio. Normally I think these things are nuts, but Ryan got really close to making it happen last month. I’m feeling inspired by him-so I think I’m going to do it! Why the hell not? Here are the details:

  • Go to yoga 30 times in 30 days or 60 times in 60 days
  • You can skip days by going twice in one day but not three times in one day (I heard stories of one teacher doing 8 classes in one day- that’s the stuff of legend.)
  • If you make it, you get a t-shirt. But more than that, after 30/60 days you will either be blown out or zenned out, physically and emotionally. Can’t wait!

It is my belief that you are more likely to accomplish goals if you have a clear vision, so here is what I want:

  • I would like to do the 30 Day Challenge
  • I would like to lose a couple pounds (not that I need to, it just seems like it would be weird if I DIDN’T after all of that)
  • I would like to go a little crazy
  • I want a little less pain in my left shoulder, knees, and right toes
  • I would like to get really great at locust pose

I will be updating my progress on this blog, so do check back! I predict tears and self doubt by next Monday!

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