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Halls are only for Type A freaks who work when they’re sick, obviously.


Favorites from Craigslist: Snake Exorcism

Favorites from Craigslist: I’m on Craigslist every day for fun and see some crazy stuff. Might as well share the LOLs.


In case you can’t read the text on the image…

Need Exorcist (ingleside / SFSU / CCSF)

I have a very possessed snake in my homestead that needs an exorcism. It started a few months back when I bought some items from a flea market and a series of strange events accord that seemed to be centered around my snake. It normally never moves and is very friendly, but one day I tried to touch and it just snapped, bit me twice and tried to escape its cage. I tried not to think much about it until the signs of demonic possession were indubitable. I was doing push ups and I hear something like parseltongue whispering in my ear. I get up and see my snake slithering up the wall of my room backwards. Which is impossible. I did what any god fearing man would do; through in its cage and put weights on the lid to make sure it can’t get out. This was less than 24hours ago. Its grown 6 inches since that time. I need a practiced professional exorcist that has dealt with demons beyond gods power. Holy water and prayer will not work.Reply please!!

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Too good.

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Only in San Francisco


Safeway on Church St

Edited to add: And as I left the store a man approached me, urinating (at me) and walking at the same time. Only in San Francisco.

It was worse than yesterday when a homeless man basically spooned me from behind putting his head on my shoulder while I was waiting outside a lunch spot for a friend. You know you’re getting old when you start to get deeply annoyed and can’t just ride out the craziness. Blegh!

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Another Day, Another Bikram Deal on Another Social Coupon Site…

Well you know how I feel about social coupon deals for bikram yoga classes… It’s a great idea for both customer and the studio in theory (Cheap classes! Allows the studio to attract people outside their average customer base!) but the studio has to be able to handle the increase in yogis.

Here’s an example of how crazy it gets. Look at the number of people that have bought that Groupon with an hour left to go. 1,624 people. I would hate to be a Funky Door customer, because all hell is gonna break loose in that studio. That is too many damn people! Limits people, limits!