Pomeranian conga line. A dog riding a bicycle. Yes this is all you need to know! Hrm… I wonder if I can teach Astor to conga??

And of course, like every good YouTube video, there is a good dance party remix:

San Francisco

Reason #19,076 to love San Francisco:  Every Easter The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence host the “Hunky Jesus” contest in Dolores Park. Basically it’s a search for the hottest Jesus impersonator. It pretty much fits in line with their Wikipedia entry, which notes that the organization “uses drag and Catholic imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance and satirize issues of gender and morality.”  Unhhhh hunh…… is that what the contest is about?

Now I’d heard about this contest before, but never actually attended due to weather, etc. This year Ryan and I wandered over, and the entire park was PACKED. The park was wall to wall full of drunk and high people partying in clothes that I can only describe as “Easter Ravewear”. Imagine if the Mad Hatter worked for American Apparel and was on his way to church. Due to winter weather I haven’t seen Dolores in full party mode in months, and this was a pleasant/obnoxious surprise. Pleasant because I love to see people having fun in the park, annoying because I’m not a huge techno person.

It was so packed out that I abandoned all hope of meeting up with friends. I also couldn’t get any decent shots from the drag/burlesque performances or the actual contest, but I found this really great synopsis video on YouTube.

This is one of those events you have to file under “Only in San Francisco.”