Terrarium Terror

So I like to knit. I can do very basic bicycle maintenance. I’ve made beer. I’ve roasted coffee. And now,  thanks to a generous gift of a WorkshopSF class, I can add “terrariums” to my list of hipsterific craft skills.

Behold! My first terrarium!

It’s got a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Basically during my class I grabbed every single plant that I thought was pretty and stuffed them in a jar.

Here is our hero, trapped in a self contained ecosystem. He is searching for the Golden Eggplant. What?

Yes! The Golden Eggplant! It holds the secrets to good digestion.

Emboldened by my success and the great fun I had piecing together my first terrarium, I decided to grab materials and make a couple more, with one going toward my office’s White Elephant event.

Gathering supplies was pretty easy- I picked up some jars from a thrift store, then got soil, charcoal, pebbles, plants and moss at the plant shop. Pretty straightforward.


I’m really into the black lichen stuff.The giraffe came from a cocktail I had at Luna Park. I have a whole bowlful of little cocktail critters.


Then I wrote up a few care instructions and attached it to the vase with a piece of sock yarn. I hope this thing is a hit!