Art, Life

Stumbled across this totally NSFW music video the other day. It’s so brilliantly universal. Who hasn’t had this fantasy before? There are so many important life lessons packed into 5 minutes. Remember, your life is your own. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, you have a choice. You aren’t defined by what other people think of you. You can change course if you want. Things can be different. Just don’t wait too long…

Also, look out for the to do list. It’s too good.


The new Nick Cave album Push the Sky is coming out in a mere three days. I only found out about it via an email that they were coming to town in April (with Sharon van Etten, NO LESS) !!! I am SO EXCITED.

Found this teaser video of work on the album on their YouTube channel. I love finding stories, video, etc. that remind me that the creative process is indeed hard work. I forget this whenever I try to write, or draw or knit or whatever the hell it is that I claim to do. You don’t just sit down and suddenly strum out something like “Midnight Man” on a sunny Tuesday morning  in a beautiful London loft. You sit in your office writing from 9-6 for months, years. You read, you write bad poetry, you watch movies. You binge on five hours of Frasier (wait that’s just me). You play around with chords, dick around, and argue with your collaborators about the “wa wa sound.”

Back to work, artists. Back to work.


This one’s been stuck in my head for a few days. I sing it to myself when I’m biking to work, which can sometimes confuse other bikers–“You’re my sweetheaaaaaaaart.” Oops. Sorry. It’s such a short little sweet song that this automatically means it’s destined to be featured in many an ill-advised post college wedding. Actually, that would be a really fun playlist to make. Yep, will do that tomorrow.

I have a love/hate relationship with this new folk movement (mostly due to being confused by the frathouse reality that is attending a Mumford & Sons concert), but I’m liking what I’ve heard of the Lumineers so far. This is annoying because they were playing at the huge free bluegrass festival last weekend (hello, late to the game), which is the first year in five that I haven’t gone. This year I’m skipping out on a lot of must-go San Francisco events, and I feel just fine about it.



I just found out about the new Tegan and Sara single (a couple of weeks late). It took me a few listens, but now I’m a bit obsessed with this song. It’s so darn… optimistic and fresh. It’s been a tough week so far, but this helps.