Daily Doodle: Bits and Pieces

I’ve been drawing at least a little something everyday, but have been lazy about posting. Maybe I will just corral my doodles together once a week because I hate posting everyday. 🙂

Saturday: I was burnt out from four nights out. It felt something like this. Did you know that there’s a bar with a bocce ball court in Oakland? They have space out there!

Sunday: I had dinner at Shanghai Dumpling King. Two orders of dumplings + a clay pot for under $20 and BYOB??? Cheapest meal in a long time. Worth the trek.

Monday: Random


Daily Doodle: Quicksand, Monsters

Nosferatu drowning in quicksand. Did this yesterday but forgot to post it since I was really busy all day.


Today: Scribbled this while I was chatting on the phone with my therapist. A cheerful woman surrounded by monsters?  Hm… you could do a little psychoanalysis on that I imagine.

I am interested in eyeballs/veins/plant roots, so I’m definitely going to do a little digging online for some cool images to study. I guess if I find a goldmine I’ll make a pinterest board for it. I can see it now: “Eyeballs.”




Daily Doodle: Thai Massage

So I’ve had a gift certificate for a thai massage sitting in my inbox for about 6 months. Yes, yes, that’s sad. I know. Today I redeemed it. I just had to. About a week and a half ago I really hurt my neck by sleeping funny, and things hadn’t improved even with yoga. It was bad, like wake up in pain and can’t lift your torso, so you have to exit the bed horizontally, and then flop out.

You know you’re in bad shape when you actually impress your masseuse with how messed up your body is. “Wooooooow. SO TIGHT!” she exclaimed, then she proceeded to work on my shoulders and neck for the majority of the 90 min session. After about an hour in she asked me what I did for a living, how I’d worked myself up into this sorry state. “Computer stuff,” I said.  “Yes, we have lots of clients that are always on the computer. Then they come here and we help them. But you are very very tense. It’s incredible!” 🙁

This is probably what I looked like *facedown* on the mat, getting my bum leg pulled behind me in an assisted yoga stretch. Sigh…



Art, Life

Daily Doodle: Impressions

Today I finally dug my Wacom tablet out of my closet. Lately I’ve been feeling more and more ridiculous for owning a pricey tablet but never touching it. What can I say? I don’t draw much anymore. I go through cycles of art and craft. Drawing has always been a part of my life, but after I’d been doing comics in the school paper for a while I totally burnt out. The same thing happened to me and knitting after I worked in a yarn shop for a while. I just had to step away. Then I got into food. I cooked, ate out, then started a blog about cooking and eating. Then I burnt out. I sense a pattern here 🙂

While learning new crafts is great, the excitement and the fizzle I experience every time makes me wonder. One of my deeper insecurities is that I’ll always be a bit of a dabbler in life, good enough at quite a few things but never particularly excelling in anything. I know that this fear is far from true (I mean, I can make SOCKS, and if that isn’t success, I don’t know what is), but hey insecurities are rarely grounded in reality, right?

Anyways, back to drawing. In the past I’ve used my tablet primarily for editing and coloring hand drawn stuff, so my freehand isn’t so great. As a bit of an experiment, I thought it would be fun to do a sketch a day on my tablet. It should improve my hand eye coordination. Or is it hand-eye-laptop-tablet coordination? >_< I’ll try to post something everyday for the short term future, but no promises.

Here’s day one: I quickly scribbled myself, then went to town  with the impressionist brush feature. I need more definition around the neck and my proportions are a bit off, but besides that I think I look very peaceful! I really look like my dad, sheesh.