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Goodbye SFMOMA: Closing Countdown Celebration

Last weekend the SF Museum of Modern Art had a multi-day blowout bash to celebrate the closing of its doors. The museum will be getting a massive facelift, but it’ll take 3 years. Admission was free during the celebration weekend, and on the last day the building stayed open all night long for drinking, celebrating, and art. YES. ALL NIGHT LONG.


I dropped by around dusk (knowing full well I was not going to make it to 4am, or any am). I was startled by a car cruising down the sidewalk! Damn ZipCar drivers!



One exhibit that I was very excited about was Christian Marclay’s The Clock, which I’d read about in NYMag ages ago. They were playing it from beginning to end during the last 24 hours before the museum closed. I wanted to see it badly, but not badly enough to wait several hours, or to come back at 4 in the morning. Oh well. It should be on YouTube somewhere, yes? Right? Right? :/



Bands, poets and artists of all types popped up on the rooftop stage to perform in 20 minute intervals.



There were food trucks outside- a must. I ended up getting some noodles from a Thai cart run by Argentinians. Those Argentinians know their pad thai! Who knew?



Here’s the view from the third floor stairwell down to the first floor bar.

For the last year or so my go-to bar drink has been a Moscow Mule. So I was pretty excited when I realized that the signature drink for the event was a “MOMA Mule.” It’s the little things that make me happy.



People hanging out on the rooftop while the band “Tits” plays inside.

According to the SFMOMA website, almost 50,000 people came out last weekend! Crazy. Now the museum’s exhibits are scattered across different partner museums and parks (including Crissy Field). It’s lovely, but I’ll miss being able to pop over on my lunch break whenever I’m feeling frazzled. Memories 🙂

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Where I Shop For Clothes (Hint: The Gutter)

When I was younger I shopped all the time. Seriously I spent so many hours dedicated to digging through thrift store crap  looking for the right clothes to change my life. These days, not so much. I still shop all over, but it’s more strategic. I’ll pay a little more to get something decent.

Of course the concept of paying nothing didn’t click for me until college. In college when I started working for the recycling department at Yale, one of the biggest donation events of the year was the end of the year moveout. We’d have these great big blue plastic barrels set out near the dorms and people would donate everything and anything as they left campus for their summer adventures. As a recycling worker I received first dibs on all the donated goods. Some great finds I’ve gotten from the blue barrels include:

  • A very fine oboe which I had fixed for $300 and sold for $2000.
  • Lots of Kate Spade purses. What’s up with that?
  • Furniture
  • Great books
  • Food!
  • Expensive makeup and perfume
  • Booze (rare)

Last but not least, there were so many free clothes. Great clothes, fancy clothes, normal people clothes, workout clothes, everything. God, it was fantastic.

These days I have limited time, but I shop for clothes all over:

  • Thrift shops, consignment shops (Salvation Army, Goodwill)
  • Resale shops (Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads)
  • Random “boutiques”
  • Big ole mainstream chains (Gap, H&M, Zara, etc.)
  • Big box (Target)
  • Discount dept (TJ Maxx, Marshall’s)
  • Online shops (6pm, Zappos)

But my favorite by far is still:


Oh yeah, I have no shame. I’m the person digging thru trash for goodies. It’s one of my favorite things about San Francisco. Look at this fantastic-ness! This person could not sell all her clothes @ Crossroads so she left them outside for free. THANK YOU!  Can we make this a regular thing? Just leave it outside for the fashion vultures to scoop up.



I dug through the pile and came out with some cute stuff.20130522-202239.jpg

  • A 100% silk J Crew Top with a nice sweetheart neckline
  • A pair of J Crew matchstick jeans cut into jean shorts. Thankfully not too revealing.
  • And a Velvet drapey jersey dress.

I know that in smaller cities this would not work, but I do love this about San Francisco. The street giveth, the street taketh away.

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Tadich Grill: Very San Francisco, Very Noir


I love history, but not tradition.

I’ll make an exception for Tadich Grill. Tadich falls into one of the my personal favorite types of restaurants to visit. The restaurant with pedigree, mystique, but most importantly attitude. These places have been around for decades, maybe more than a century. They are often meat + seafood spots. They are often quite expensive. But hey, that’s part of the fun. I love deciding to go whole hog and fully embracing the show of dining out. Order drinks, order all the food. Order dessert. Order coffee. Smoke a cigarette. Sit there for a long ass time. It’s very romantic.

So here’s what Zagat’s says about Tadich:

In business since 1849, this “classic, film-noir”-worthy “seafood temple” Downtown has “old-time SF atmosphere” in every detail from the “19th-century booths” to the “jokingly grumpy servers” that are “straight from central casting”; sure, the “menu never changes”, but since “fresh fish at its best” and “classic cocktails” “never go out of fashion”, schools of “business folk”, “tourists” and “nostalgic” types still “wait their turn in line” and keep things “noisy and crowded, especially at lunchtime.”

A few weeks ago I lucked out and rolled in with my coworkers for a team lunch. I took a ton of photos, but in the end the official photos from the restaurant’s website really captures the mood best.


Yes, that is the bar. To the left you can see some private booths where they put obnoxious people who take iphone photos of their Chilean Sea Bass and Manhattans. AHEM.




Ze hiztory of ze restaurant



The menu is extensive, but I’ll give you a hint, it’s all meat + seafood! I took photos of my food, but they’re not all that exciting. It’s just really good and really solid fish.

Looking forward to coming back here again. It would be a great spot to finish off with a martini after the Hitchcock’s San Francisco Walking Tour.



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Bike to Work Day 2013

Happy Bike to Work day! This year’s was a good one with lots of goodies at the bike stations and a chill ride in with my coworkers.

Here’s the scene at the Van Ness Station this morning.

Real life:



Instagram life! Look at us, living large with our coffees and our bicycles.


And here’s real real life. My coworker was taking a video selfie while we were riding down Market.

Only sad thing about the day was that some jerk decided to ride off with a guy’s bike while he stopped at a bike station. BRAZEN. I call this “Shit is about to get REAL” life

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Case of the Mondays



Saw this yesterday on my way to work and it made me laugh so hard, so I had to hold up foot traffic and take a picture.

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