About Me

This is what I do. Eat eat drink drink.

I don’t really know what to say about myself, besides I’m trying to stay open and curious about the world. I’m very interested in cognitive behavioral therapy, making stuff and food. Oh yes, food. Lots of food. I can be snarky and silly, but I’m an optimist deep down. I like taking calculated risks in my life. I like talking to people, but usually one on one. I probably really need a haircut right now.

This site is a personal blog of my everyday life in San Francisco, and if we don’t know each other yet, hello! Feel free to say hi at tracetrace AT gmail.com.


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  1. Victoria Garden-Eden

    I just popped on to your blog while looking for a pattern for fingerless mitts for a friend. I saw your pic and said out loud, “She’s adorable!” I feel confident in my ability to look in the eyes of faces I see and you are beautiful inside as well as out.

    I then read your About Me and it confirmed you are a truly delightful human being.

    Thanks for the Saturday morning joy.

    (I have a 20 year old daughter, so I’m a “Mom”!)


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