Meet the Fokkens


No, no not ‘Meet the Fockers.’ I’ve avoided that one pretty well, even that one time that I went to LA for the holidays and my mom really wanted to watch it.

Here’s another prostitution documentary that’s available on Netflix. It’s perhaps the polar opposite of Whore’s Glory. I’m only 30 minutes into it, but I venture to say that it could almost be considered a… feel good? prostitution documentary. All I know is that that my Netflix algorithm is wrecked from here on out…

Meet the Fokkens

This doc follows a pair of 69 year old twin sisters in Amsterdam who have been working in the red light district for 50 years. One had to retire due to arthritis, and the other is still at it to cover her bills. The film has so far glossed over the more dangerous and sad aspects of the trade, and it’s really more of a character study of these willful ladies.

Check out the trailer:

It’s a fine line between a loving and a leering take on prostitution, but there’s not too many interviews, it’s mostly just following the sisters around as they service clients, make coffee, and go on beach rides where they read over old journals together and giggle. It makes life as an older person look like fun actually.

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  1. You forgot the painting part, where they both sit and paint together. I remember the art show in the end, nice ending to a great story. Very very cute.

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