Judge a book by its covers…

Great Gatsby

The New York Times has a piece out about how people are getting all hot and bothered over the new movie tie-in cover for The Great Gatsby.

It’s true, it is atrocious.

I’m not partial to the original art, but this looks really really cheap. But I suppose whatever gets people reading books again ought to be commended. The Times also has a nice interactive module where you can check out all the different versions of the book’s cover.

Here are my favorites:


UM…Can I buy this copy somewhere? Seriously. THIS is how you do a movie tie-in book.



This one evokes time/memory/gears–>car thoughts for me. Classy.



Well, who WAS Gatsby, really?


It’s been a long time since I’ve read this book so I’m considering reading it again (even though I didn’t care for it the first go round). I’m probably going to rent it from the SF digital lending library (or even buy it online), so in a sense the cover doesn’t matter.

Are you going to see the Baz Luhrmann movie? Do you care what your book cover looks like at all, or am I just being a snobby book snob ?