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Quitting Sugar Resources: “Fat Chance”


It’s early January, and the new health books are out, which means their authors are making the talk show rounds. The UCSF doctor who was mentioned in the New York Times piece on sugar has a new book out on his work. I caught him talking on NPR’s Science Friday and the conversation was pretty lively. If you’re not looking for a health book, you can also learn a lot from his appearance on the Diane Rehm show. Here’s the blurb from that show:

Recently published research suggests that obese people have a lower risk of death compared to people with normal weight. But this is not news to pediatric endocrinologist, Robert Lustig. He says fat doesn’t matter. What does matter, he argues, is metabolic function. For the past 16 years, he’s been treating childhood obesity and studying the effects of sugar on the central nervous system. In a new book he details the science and politics behind the dramatic increase in our consumption of sugar and explains why this shift is so detrimental to our health. Please join us to talk with Dr. Robert Lustig about obesity and disease.

How am I doing with cutting back on sugar? Not great, but I’m not eating anything processed this week so that helps. I’m really nervous about cutting it out cold turkey- starting… Week 2. :l