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Avoiding the Post Vacation Blues

I’ve been on two very lovely trips in the last few weeks, and with no more travel on the immediate horizon, I’ve officially got the post-vacation blues. I love my San Francisco life, but still am feeling a bit down. Adventure! Drama! Danger! It’s just not as likely when you’re at home. Luckily I saw my mild depression at the reality that is my life coming. Here are a few things that I’m doing to make the return to work and regular life easier:

1. I scheduled a “transition day” between the end of my vacation and the beginning of the workweek. This is essential for maintaining sanity!

2. I made sure to spend time with my friends, and to set up playdates for the upcoming week.

3. I took care of laundry, cleaning, and groceries ASAP, to make sure I’m clean and well fed for the coming week. Nothing like a clean bed and yummy foods to feel happy to be back at home.

4. While on vacation I mostly avoided work emails. I will get to them when I am back at work. One must set boundaries between personal life and work!

5. On a whim I purchased new attachments and toys for my Diana toy camera. Now I’m looking forward to learning more about my camera and using the new attachments.

6. I also started a new book- Just Kids, by Patti Smith.

7. Yes, I’m scheduling another trip! You gotta have something to look forward to. Shanghai? Morocco? Miami? I don’t know, but wherever I go, it will probably be solo.Exciting.