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Bikram 30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Well, they broke me. I finally had my breakdown. This one was different from all of the other yoga freakouts I’ve had in the past.

In my class today there were so many people. More than I’d ever seen before. I tried to count and it looked like 60-ish to me, but you can’t be sure. All I knew was that this was a big class. My mat was an oasis in the a sea of skin and sweat.

The things that went through my mind during my freak out:

1. This teacher is phoning it in. Her voice is killing me. I wonder if she’s having a bad day… Who cares, she should fake it. How am I going to make it another hour and 15 minutes?

2. I wonder if someone is stealing shit from Ryan’s bicycle right now. This studio really needs to get a security camera or figure that shit out. It’s in their best interest to create a safe environment.

3. Why did they raise their prices from $14 to $18 a class? That’s 29%! This overcrowded class is not worth $18. Or maybe they raised the prices so less people would come…?

4. If you’re going to do a promo on Living Social or Town Hog, you need to have the capacity to handle it. Shoving extra people into the room does not solve the problem.

5. They need to set a cap on class size. What is the fire code? Is this against the law?

6. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

And on. And on. And on. While these things were going on inside my head I sat on my mat and stared at myself.

Somehow I got over my panic attack and back to it, but the facts remain: classes have been too crowded for the last month, bikram is going to be expensive after my challenge special pricing is over, and it’s not safe to leave my bike locked up down there. Is it time to find another studio?